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Id Card Solution

Web-based ID Card solution where organizations can issue and manage digital ID cardsremotely to their employees, contractors, delivery agents, collections boys and students etc.

It reduces ID card cost by 70%

Solution brings down TAT for issuing ID card from 10 days to 10 m.

Solution also acts as repository of all KYC documents obtained for issuing ID cards

It removes risk of misuse of physical ID cards by employees

Solution allows you to issue temporary ID card for visitors

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Web application to issue and manage ID cards

QR code on ID card to verify identify

Tampered proof

Works offline on Mobile app - The mobile ID cards do not need an internet connection to be displayed

Always available in mobile to show it to anyone, anytime

Huge reduction in cost of creation and dispatch of ID card

Drastic reduction in TAT for issuing card

Helps to collect data online and create digital ID cards automatically

Never have to worry about losing ID card

Functionality to issue temporary card - Automatic Card Expiration

Customized as per organizations requirement

Integration with internal system

Enterprise level security & privacy practices to protect user identity and prevent fraud

Card Variants

Employee Id Card

Digital ID cards issued by organizations for employees, contractors, temporary workers, and visitors. With the ID Card solution, employers are able to remotely issue digital Employee ID cards to their employees, contractors, customers, visitors, vendors, and interns. An Employee ID can be used for visual verification of one’s own identity and to prove affiliation with a particular organization. If the employee leaves the company for any reason their card can be revoked to prevent further use.

Digital Membership Id Cards

Digital ID cards that can be issued to members of associations and clubs.

Hotel & Resort Membership ID Cards

Hotel & resort administrators can issue and manage mobile ID cards via the ID Card solution. Once installed in the app, members can present their mobile ID cards to staff members while also using it for hotel and restaurant discounts, and admittance to VIP areas — pools, sauna, spa, nightclubs, and more.

Student Id

Digital student ID cards that can be issued to high school, college, and university students.

Resident Id

Resident ID Card issued by their town or city. Resident ID cards issued by cities and towns can be used by residents to access resources, such as pools, recreation centers, beaches, golf courses, and library services.

Case Study

Client Profile

Tata Capital Limited ("TCL"), the flagship financial services company of the Tata Group, is a subsidiary of Tata Sons Private Limited and is registered with the Reserve Bank of India as a Systemically Important Non-Deposit Accepting Core Investment Company ("CIC").

Challenges Faced

TATA capital has appointed agencies for collection, and agencies further appoints collection agents under them. It is required to issue TATA Capital’s ID card to collection agents. In earlier process:

Request from Agencies to Collection Manager (CM)- via email with all KYC documents

CM verifies the KYC and sends the request to be centralized team via email

Again, after verification, Centralized ID card team used to share requisite details with Printing vendor to print the ID cards

Printing vendor used to take 15 Days from the date of receipt

ID card cell used to check the details and sort it as per the Collection Manager base branch destination and handover to in-house courier agency for delivery.

After confirmation form CM, centralized ID card team used to handover the cards to respective agency.


Time Consuming Process (15-20 days for ID card)

Cost (Cost for making physical card + Courier cost)

Doble cost in case of mismatch and reissuing ID cards

All KEY documents in emails (No repository of KYC documents)

Attrition – There is a huge attrition in these collection agencies and therefore physical card cannot be reused

Chances of misuse – collection agents can misuse the physical card


We have customized and deployed Digital ID card solution and automated the whole process to:

To raise request for ID card creation



Integration of Digital ID card in M-collect app of TATA capital

Digital ID card creation instantly – with 5m

Blocking of Card

Re-use of same card for new agent

With the Digital ID card solution and automated workflow, we have eliminated all challenges faced by TATA Capital and have bought efficiency, reduced time and costs and improved data security in whole process.



1What is a digital ID card?

A digital ID card, also known as an electronic or virtual ID card, is a digital representation of an individual's identification credentials. It typically includes personal information such as name, photo, date of birth, and other relevant details. Instead of a physical card, it is stored and accessed digitally, often on a mobile device or through an online platform.

2 How does a digital ID card work?

Digital ID cards use technology such as QR codes, barcodes, or embedded chips to store and transmit information securely. Users can present their digital ID cards by scanning the code or using a compatible device for verification. The card may be accessed through dedicated mobile apps, online portals, or integrated with existing identification systems.

3What are the advantages of using digital ID cards?

Some benefits of digital ID cards include:

  • Convenience: Users can carry their ID cards on their smartphones, eliminating the need for physical cards and reducing the risk of loss or damage.
  • Enhanced Security: Digital ID cards can include encryption and authentication mechanisms to ensure data integrity and prevent forgery.
  • Accessibility: Digital ID cards can be accessed anytime, anywhere, as long as the user has an internet connection or their mobile device with them.
  • Efficiency: Verification processes can be streamlined by scanning digital ID cards, reducing manual paperwork and saving time.
  • Flexibility: Digital ID cards can be easily updated or modified, allowing for quick changes in personal information or credentials.
4 How secure are digital ID cards?

Digital ID card solutions employ various security measures to protect the integrity and confidentiality of personal information. This may include encryption, secure storage, biometric authentication, and other advanced security protocols. However, like any digital system, there is always a potential for vulnerabilities. It is crucial for organizations implementing digital ID card solutions to follow best practices in cybersecurity and regularly update their systems to address emerging threats.

5 What happens if my mobile device is lost or stolen?

If your mobile device with the digital ID card is lost or stolen, it is important to take immediate action to prevent unauthorized access. Most digital ID solutions provide options to remotely revoke access or disable the digital ID from the lost device. Additionally, it is advisable to report the loss to the relevant authorities and follow any necessary procedures outlined by the digital ID card provider.

6 Can a digital ID card be used for all purposes, such as age verification or accessing government services?

The usability of a digital ID card depends on the specific systems and services that accept and recognize it. While digital ID cards can be versatile, their acceptance may vary across different sectors and organizations. Some businesses and government entities may have their own requirements or systems in place, which may or may not be compatible with digital ID cards. It's important to check the acceptance and compatibility of a digital ID card with the intended service or organization before relying