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Safe & Secure

As compared to a paper business card, digital business cards tend to be a better option. Since they stand out in front of an ordinary business card, digital business cards leave an everlasting impression on the minds of all clients. Besides, there are other significant advantages of using digital business cards. A major advantage of using digital business cards is that a variety of media can be attached to it. Audio clips, video clips, images, and GIFs drop a nice impression on the receiver. Our digital card designers assimilate the requirement and proceed to develop the business card according to the business.


Digital Visiting Cards are safe and secure. The user can easily customize the card for incorporating the desired changes like setting up new colors, addition/removal of graphics, information etc. Another reason why people are turning to digital business cards is the elimination of excessive formality. Hence, you do not require being excessively formal with the client while introducing yourself and briefing about the brand.

There’s not just one reason for turning to eSmartdigitalcard a product of Digital Business Technology Pvt Ltd. but many. Since we work on next-level technology, instant sharing capabilities are assured. Apart from reducing the carbon footprint, we also assure the deliverance of our commitments. By creating an optimal digital business card, we not just promote the brand but assist in tracking the sales performance in real-time. What’s more, by getting your digital business card designed from ESmartdigitalcard, you can effortlessly customize it. Whether it is an inclusion or minute promotion, every business/brand gets the best after turning to ESmartdigitalcard.

Clients from multiple industries have utilized our services. They have lauded the efforts we put in for designing their digital business cards as per the requirement. Hence, you can express yourself even better. The card will always remain in your pocket without getting tampered in any manner! What are you waiting for?

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