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Our exclusive features of Digital Membership Cards.

It’s time to upgrade your physical membership cards with MECARD- Digital Membership. We know you face many challenges while preparing and issuing physical cards. Collectionof data, recording of data, printing and lamination, courier the cards to addressee place are big challenges for the issuer. Many times we forgot to renew the issued cards on time and loose the membership card income.

Now, no need to worry, MECARD –Digital Membership Application helps to create, share and manage Digital Membership Cards in minutes.

Show your events and exhibitionss

With this membership card, you can publish your ideology to a wider range of peoples in short amount of time. You can share and invite large number of members to your upcoming events and exhibitions.

How it Work

Promote Your Brandy logo/banner & photo gallery

You van upload your logo or use bigger banner to promote your brand image. Upload yourachievements photo gallery to boost your social presence. You have liberty to edit your photo gallery which is free of charge.

How it Work

Quick register of new members

Short and sweet registration form helps users to add themselves with a group. Only name and number is required and system generates digital ID url for each newly added members.

How it Work

Mera QR–MeriPehchan.-QR Code Identity

The unique QR code is generated for each members.This QR code can be affixed and use on officedoor,on yourcarglass,onyourappliances,andoffice assets.Themulti-useofQRcode can be easily be downloaded and shared.

How it Work

No need to track expiry and renewal

Issued Digital Membership cards can automatically expire on selected date is set. System reminds renewal to cardholders before the expiry. Pre-auto notification helps cardholders to contact the issuer and renew cards whose cards are about to expire.

How it Work

Less expensive and more featured

This digital membership card is less expensive in caparison with physical membership cards. Creation and control both are too easy and quick. Features like booking appointment through card, Enquiry through the card and feedback on card make it more useful. You can also see that how many people’s are seen your card.

How it Work

Review members performance through analytics

The analytic helps to review performance of the cardholder in terms of number of times card is viewed, number of new members added, number of enquiries and feedback received. It helps to analysis the usefulness of this card.

How it Work