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"Revolutionize Enterprise Networking: Introducing Our Enterprise-Ready Digital Business Card Solution!"

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In today's digital age, traditional paper visiting cards are becoming outdated and environmentally unsustainable. Therefore,our Digital Business Card solution designed exclusively for large enterprisesoffers a range of benefits like:

  1. Reduces cost of visiting cards by 60% compared to traditional paper cards
  2. Enhances your connectivity amongst target audience and beyond
  3. Works as a clever marketing tool by driving target audience on a real time basis to your website, social media and key company links thereby increasing Brand Visibility and Social Media Marketing effectively
  4. Attracts more leads thereby creating a larger network. So added NETWORK means added NETWORTH.
  5. Carry an unlimited number of cards on your phone, accessible anytime and anywhere.
  6. Reduces the Environmental Footprint. Enterprise Solution


Reflect your brand identity with customizable designs that align with your enterprise's aesthetics and values.

Rich Media Integration

Go beyond traditional business cards. Incorporate videos, presentations, and product demos directly into your digital cards.

Centralized Management

Effortlessly manage and update thousands of digital cards across your enterprise from a centralized admin dashboard.

Real-time Updates

Ensure your contacts always have the latest information by enabling real-time updates for job roles, contact details, and more.

Analytics Insights

Gain valuable insights into networking activities through analytics, enabling strategic decision-making.

CRM Integration

Seamlessly sync digital card data with your existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

Data Security

Rigorous security measures safeguard sensitive business information, maintaining the confidentiality of your enterprise data.

Multi-platform Access

Access and share digital cards across devices and platforms, ensuring connectivity regardless of location.

Environmentally Friendly

Embrace sustainability by reducing paper waste associated with traditional business cards.


Our solution grows with your enterprise, accommodating expansions without compromising performance.

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Backed by years of
experience, we understand the
unique networking needs
of large enterprises.

Custom Development

Our solution can
be tailored to align
seamlessly with your
existing digital
and business processes.

Embrace the digital revolution and enhance your enterprise's networking capabilities. Join us in redefining how connections are made, fostering collaborations that drive growth and innovation. Schedule a demo today to experience the future of networking with our Digital Business Card solution.

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Our support team is
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implementation and addressing any
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Stay ahead of the
curve with our continuous
integration of the latest
networking technologies.

Enterprise Features

How it Work

Exclusive dashboard for your business

MECARD dashboard is exclusively designed for business. The complete application is operated from dashboard. Its gives overall pictures of how many cards are created, how many cards are blocked, how many cards are viewed, how many prospects are added, how many enquiries are made, how many feedbacks are received and many more.

How it Work

Manage your account and manage your card

You have free hand to edit and update your company detail for n-number of times. Admin create and issue new card to users and have full power to block them. Admin can edit any detail on card as and when required.

How it Work

Set employee access permission

The application is designed for three layer use. Company-Employee-End Users. The employee can access their data and detail or even can changed it, if admin permit it. The readymade QR code standee is useful in events and exhibition to exchange your digital visiting cards with large number of visitors.

How it Work

Create QR code identity for company and employee

Unique QR code is generated for company and its employee, you can print any size of QR code that can be used for sticking on office door, on car or bike or on any official articles, envelops, bags, gifts etc.

How it Work

Promote social media and company website

Linking social media and company website with card, promotes company branding. It create awareness about the company and other social activities. It is easy for users to visit all company’s websites and social media links through one card.

How it Work


Data analytics like who have added maximum prospects, whose card is viewed highest, who had received good feedback, from whose card maximum enquiry is generated all it helps company to take wise decision on sales, set up of new branch, appraisal of employee based on his performance.

How it Work

Add-On features

There are add on features too, it makes MECARD more useful. We have tried to put all contact management solution in one card. You can display your product gallery on card, you can use wider-slider banner to display your events and achievements on card, you can add your app and payments links to reach more people’s, Features like booking appointment through card, adding new prospect through card, getting enquiry through card, receiving feedback through card, sending notification through card, all it makes business card more useful.